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Our Services

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Northwick can respond quickly to your requirements, carrying out repairs and breakdowns.

  • Installation and testing

  • Ground surveys of services

  • Locate underground cable faults with pinpoint accuracy using our specialist test equipment.

  • Carry out the excavation with minimal disruption.

  • Carry out repairs.


  • Test and reinstate supply and ground. 

  • All this is done with one team of qualified engineers.


We have many years' experience in the planning and design of this critical element of any electrical installation.

  • MV substation design and build

  • Replacement of transformers and RMUs

  • LV switchboard and panelboard installation

  • On-site alterations and extensions of existing equipment

  • Sub mains design and installation

  • Small power installations – lighting, socket outlets and fixed equipment


Northwick’s qualified and skilled AGL technicians offer a range of services.

  • Site Surveys.

  • System-design and commissioning.

  • Equipment supply, installation, and Civil works.

  • Routine maintenance and fault finding on AGL circuits.


Northwick’s qualified and skilled technicians offer a range of services.

  • Site surveys

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Testing

  • Maintenance and repair solutions for earthing and lightning protection.

Electric Cable Fault Location

Northwick’s qualified technicians offer a range of services.

  • Test faulty cables using the latest test sets in the industry to locate the cable fault.

  • Organise and carry out all required civil works to expose faulty cable.

  • Prove faulty cable before carrying out safe spiking of the identified cable.

  • Complete all testing including phasing, and cutting back, prior to repairs.

  • Supply and install all required joint and termination kits and suitable cables to complete the required repairs.

  • Test the repaired cable and work with the customer to reinstate supplies upon completion.

Substation Maintenance

Northwick's qualified technicians offer a range of services.

  • Thermography reports of LV & HV assets

  • Oil sampling, testing and analysis

  • Low ohm resistance testing

  • Insulation resistance testing

  • Visual inspections

  • Operational checks

  • Protection testing

  • Panel cleaning

  • Checking of connections

  • General equipment condition checks

  • Busbar inspections

  • Substation inspections

  • Tripping battery maintenance


Having our own in-house panel build workshop means we can offer a fast turnaround on specialist distribution requirements.

  • Full in-house design and build

  • Fast turnaround of orders

  • Power factor correction panels

  • Temperature controls

  • Distribution panels including synchronisation and metering.

  • We also offer tripping battery charger units and changeover panels.

We understand the importance of providing reliable UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). Our aim is to provide high quality power to safeguard and protect business equipment and critical infrastructure against mains failure or disturbances.

The team at Northwick are highly skilled in the supply, installation, commissioning, and service of UPS and DC power systems, including:

  • Rectifier / Battery chargers up to 1500A

  • LV distribution boards up to 4000A

  • UPS systems up to 500kVA

  • LV Standby Generators up to 1MVA

  • Battery systems both large and small

  • Parallel U.P.S and Rectifier systems

Northwick offers servicing and maintenance contracts or alternatively single service site visits can be arranged as per client requirements.  

For more information or for a bespoke quotation please contact us today.
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